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Kenneth E. Robinson aka Muscle was born on November 1, 1989. He lived most of his life around his single mother and his 3 siblings, two sisters and a younger brother. They  were always close to each other throughout good times and struggles, even after relocating to Dallas after Hurricane Katrina, he and his family remained strong. Muscle is always passionate about anything he does or gets involved in as well as a major people person. He always keeps God first threw all he does in life. He is from Uptown New Orleans so he can relate to life through a manner of a uptown man. Through his adult years he has kept a business mind so that's what carried him to being apart of Soulja Squad and M.O.B. He gave his life over to this group back in 2008 and its been on ever since. Muscle is a young man free to see what life has in-store for him.